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Medication Services

Prescription Drugs & Refills

Flu, Shingles & Pneumonia Shots

Tdap Immunization (with Rx)

Medication Therapy Management

Private Consultation

Diabetic Services

Durable Medical Equipment

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Over The Counter

Pain Medication

Cold and Allergy Medications

Children's Medicines

First Aid Items

Vitamins & Probiotics

Oral Health products

Feminine Hygiene products

Contraceptive Aids

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Cards & Gifts

TY Beanie Babies

Choice Children's Books

Greeting Cards

Willow Tree Figurines


Hair Care

Shower & Bath Items

UGA Memorabili

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Our Way of Giving Back

We offer FREE vitamins every month to children ages 2-12. Just stop by the pharmacy counter to register your children and receive your punch card and first bottle of vitamins. We believe this is a practical way Citizens can invest in the next generation.